Data Recovery From Android

There are many wonderful moment comes in a person life. Every one wants to live those moments and the best way preserve those moments is to make a video of them. In past years only we can record video from video camera but today there are many android devices available in market through which you can take good quality videos of your memorable moment. There are many types of android devices present like android phones, tablet, android camera and more. We can shoot lots of videos from these devices and also it enables us to share them at the same time. Also we can download interesting videos from the Internet to our android device . We can also store them to different storage device or computer. But sometime due to human mistake and some other reason we lost our precious videos after which we start searching about a video recovery software for android.

Today many famous brand are making android device like Sony, Samsung, HTC, Dell, Acer and so on. Android smartphone are more or less use by every person and they like to click lots of photos and videos from that. The camera of these android device are designed so that it will give strong competition to camera and camcorder. We can shoot as well as download many favorite videos from the Internet on these android phones. Android tablet are also one of the most used device today which can be used to shoot photos and videos. Watching video on the large screen of android tablet has its own fun. You can shoot and share your video immediately on social networking sites from android devices. Videos are very precious for us and we never thought about losing them. But unfortunately in due to some uncertain circumstances we have to face video loss scenario.


Losing our favorite video is very frustrating moment for us because we spend a long time in collecting them and suddenly all goes worth. Videos from android device can become inaccessible due to many reason. Lets observe some of the common causes of videos lost

  • Accidental deletion of videos – Sometime we are so busy in previewing videos that we accidentally press the delete all button. This can make all the store video lost
  • Virus attack – Using the android device memory card in any virus infected device can make virus attack to your videos and they make it corrupt. After which they become inaccessible.
  • Memory card corruption – Using the memory card of your android phone or tablet in more than one device can make it corrupt. After which users cant access their favorite videos.
  • Unintentionally formated SD card – Sometime we have to format our SD card when we connect it to computer and the computer display message that card is need to be formatted.
  • Improper removal of memory card – Removing memory card from android device without switching them off can wipe out all the data stored on it including videos.
  • Restoring factory setting – sometime to clear our phone we use the option restore factory setting. Doing restoring factory setting will erase all the data present in the android device and its storage card.
  • Operating system corruption – due to corruption of operating system we need to format the device and formatting will delete all the data store on the device.
  • Interruption while sharing – While sharing videos to computer removing the memory card can result in loss of videos.

Apart from that there are some more reason which can make your video lost from android device. We cant predict when any uncertain situation comes and we have to face video loss scenario. So it is always profitable to create a backup of all your videos. So that whenever you suffer from data loss you can easily get them back. But in the case where backup is not available the only option to recover videos is third party software. But before you do that immediately stop writing on the memory card. Video recovery software is one of the best utility through which you cna recover deleted videos from android device easily. The software is enabled with advance scanning algorithm which can easily get back lost video and other data from any android device.

Lets see some remarkable features of video recovery software

  • Interface – video recovery software is an amazing tool which comes with user friendly interface. The software is very easy to use so that a person having less technical knowledge can also operate it easily.
  • Recovery of lost files – It can recovers lost files from any android device very quickly and safely.
  • Supports all type of video format – The software is designed in such a way that it can retrieve videos regardless of its format also it helps you to add new header files to existing file.
  • Recover large amount of data – The video recovery software has the strong ability to recover large amount of data.
  • Read only feature – The utility comes with read only feature so that it can recover the file without affecting the original one.
  • Different OS sporting – The video recovery software is designed in such a manner that it supports all the version of Mac as well as Windows computer.
  • Automatic update – The software doesn’t need to update regularly because it is created so that it gets updated automatically.

The Video Recovery Software is available with the trial version which you can download online. To download the trial version you don’t have to pay it is free of cost. With the trial version you can only be able to see the preview of the damaged or the corrupt files but you cannot repair Repair Damaged video files. In order to repair and save the video files to your desired location you have to purchase licensed version of Video Recovery Software. You can purchase the licensed version from its official site which will be you one time solution for all time corruption.