Video Error

Why Video Error Causes

Today technology has developed so that we forgot about the old days where the information is only in textual and pictorial form. This is time where videos are ample every where. There are lots of device present today through which we can take videos of interesting moment of our life. Every device where it is digital camera, camcorders, webcams, samrtphone and other. All these device uses different format of videos. There are variety of video format are using today like MP4, MOV, MPG, MTS, AVI, 3GP, MKV and many more. Even the videos we download from Internet are of different formats. Different device has its own format as mentioned above and one format is not compatible with other one. If you try to do this it doesnt play. Apart from that there are several types of issues related with the videos which make them inaccessible. Getting video error is one of the common issue which has trouble many users.

There are many types of error associated with video files. You can get error in any format of videos. If you try to plays the videos in those media player which doesnt support them then you could get several type of error. Lets see some common types of video error

MP4 video error – MP4 format is rthe most convenient way of storing your videos data on computer. But sometime users gets MP4 Unsupported File Type Error. There should be many reason behind getting this error like mediaplayer is not compatible or missing of proper codec on system.

MOV video error– MOV is a video file format developed by Apple which cna be played on both Mac as well as Windows computer. But you cna also get error in this format. One of the common error is QuickTime 2048 Error. Users can get this type of file error usually when there is corruption in the file header or incorrectly compressing of MOV files.

MKV video error – MKV is the most prefferd video extension which is used for high definition vidoe on Internt. But getting issues in this format is common. One of the known one is unable to Play .mkv Video Error. Sometimes you might have to come across from this type of catastrophe.

Queue movies error – video error 6205 error may occur in frequent manner while playing Queue movies on Netflix. Since the Netflix has several limitation which does not allow you to play video in smooth way. By the way the there could be several reasons liable for this type of catastrophe.

Coby mp828 error – coby mp828 is one of the latest mp3 player which supports video, music and photo. But while on the flip side sometimes while playing video in it users receive coby mp828 video file format error. When video became inaccessible then restoring that damaged video you can overcome from coby mp828 video file format error problem.

MTS video error – MTS is a high quality standard definition video format. Many popular brands like Sony, Panasonic and other uses this video format in their camcorder. But it is also not free from error. The most common errors of this file format is .mts video 0x87160139 and 0x87260103 Error. Once you encounter these type of error your videos become inaccessible.

Apart from that there are several type of video error which can arise problem for you. These errors can make our videos inaccessible and unable to play our favorite videos is very irritating for us. There should be many reason behind getting these types of videos error like

  • If the video is tried uto play using uncompatible mediaplayer which not support the particular format
  • Absence of proper codec on the system can make the player to show unsupported file error
  • Incorrect conversion of some vidoe format into other format can also result in error.
  • If the video is infected with dangerous malware then you amy also get error
  • If there is corruption in computer registry data and you play the video then it can display error
  • Incorrect upgrade process of the video files
  • Malfunctioning of software of the video player
  • Corruption in the video file due to bad media spots on hard drive
  • Abruptly shutdown of device while writing process is on etc.

There should be some more reason behind getting the video error. Error in video files can make then inaccessible and they can be lost as well. If you are suffering from any kind of video error and unable to play your favorite video then don’t be sad. You can get back your lost video or can fix the corruption issue with the help of some powerful third party software. Video recovery software is one of the most convenient tool which can be used for the recovery of corrupted and lost video files. It is a fantastic utility which is enabled with smart recovering feature which can get back your lost or corrupted video in safe manner.

Lets see some astonishing features of Video recovery software

  • Recover videos from all types of internal and external storage media
  • Efficiently recovers all types of video format
  • Preview and save individually without changing their original name
  • Easily scan storage device having capacity over 2 TB
  • Provides option for adding new files header for recovery
  • User friendly interface
  • Supports both Windows and Mac computer