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If you also have lost your favorite video files then you can use Video recovery software to recover the lost files. The software is designed under the guidance of professional and it uses the newest technique to scan the lost files and it recover them without making any changes to the original one. By using this software one can recover deleted or lost videos from any storage media. If you had never use the video recovery software then don’t worry. It is available in trial version also. The software can be downloaded from the Internet and it is free of cost. By using the trial version of the software you can recover the video files at no cost. Also you can preview of the recovery process. The trial version can recover and display the list of recovery item but you cannot save them. It can be used for a limited period of time. So if you want to recover your data and restore them then you have to go for its licensed version. One can purchase the full version of this software from the official site. Through the full version you can recover all types of corrupted or lost videos files regardless of their format. There is no time limit of this paid version and it gets updated automatically. You just have to scan your storage media with video recovery software licensed version to recover and save the video files at your preferred location.